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We offer services for small and large business customers. Our wide range of solutions for you are customized to your needs. Learn more about our solutions and contact us!

IT Remarketing

We trade in used and refurbished IT hardware through our intensive international distribution network. We pride ourselves with our in-house auditing management system "Made in Germany" providing the necessary information and transparency.

You are looking for IT-hardware


As a wholesale company, we have a rich supply of used IT for you!

We offer a large selection of used IT products for a reasonable price. We guarantee a fair price calculation through our auditing process "Made in Germany".

We promote fair pricing through our in-depth audit process. All devices are carefully checked and rated. We provide to our customers a detailed description of the technical details and a description of the existing deficiencies and usage restrictions.

Our current offers

You offer IT-hardware


You are looking to sell your old hardware and make some money!

We are happy to assist you with in the sale of your IT hardware. Benefit from our own auditing process, our international sales network and services from your IT Remarketing Specialist.

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IT Refurbishing

You are looking for adequate hardware for refurbishing purposes. We can help you by preparing  hardware for you.

We offer the following standardprocesses as a service:

  • Professional data deletion with Toolstar or Blancco
  • Thourough inside and outside cleaning of laptops
  • Auditing „Made in Germany“
  • In depth performance tests

Upon request, we can also refurbishing and upgrade your IT hardware with return shipment.

Customer solution management

As part of our Customer Solution Management, we offer to you solutions that are customized to your company needs.

Our Solutions for you:

  • Large-scale dismantling of your IT infrastructure
  • Installation of your IT infrastructure
  • Refurbishment of your IT hardware
  • Configuarion of your IT infrastructure
  • Packaging of your IT purchase


We can help you with the recycling of your old hardware. Our formost goal is to prolonge the working life of your IT products with the means of remarkeing or refurbishing. Hardware that can't be reused will be recycled.

Our professionnal IT recycling services:

  • IT recycling
  • Data carrier destruction
IT Recycling

Our solutions at a glance

Our customized services


Data deletion & Data destruction

We delete and destroy your data professionally
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Configuration & upgrade

Our dedicated staff is happy to respond to your configuration and upgrades request.
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We disassemble your IT infrastructure and take care of transport and logistics.
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Packaging & shipping

We can adapt to your packaging and shipping needs.
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IT recycling

We work with reliable partners that properly dispose or recycle your old IT hardware.
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Our close cooperation with Intercom Transport & Logistik GmbH for better transport and logistic services.
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