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Choosing used IT business equipment means buying high quality at a reasonable price

We offer you high-quality, professionally prepared business IT devices. Our inventory consists mainly of equipment from reputable brand manufacturers (including HP, DELL, LENOVO), which are more durable and have much better hardware compared to standard end user products. Even used, they still meet most of today's performance requirements.

We work mainly with leasing companies as well as with medium and large-sized companies that sell us their leasing returns. Our products are between one to five years old, which means that most of them still have manufacturer warranty and have a valid Windows operating system licence.

"After remarketing process, our used IT meets today's performance requirements."

We operate operate exclusively in the B2B business. We do not sell to end customers. Having that said, our clientele mainly includes wholesalers, resellers, shop operators for end customers and service partners of companies.

Our IT remarketing work steps 

For maximum customer satisfaction, we want to be as transparent as possible by explaining all our work steps in a clear manner:

  1. The products are picked up from the supplier.
  2. At the arrival at the warehouse, a control of the goods are carried out.
  3. All products receive an identification number.
  4. All equipment is professionally cleaned and old labels / identifications removed.
  5. Data is professionally deleted according to internationally recognized standards (with Toolstar or Blancco).
  6. An optical and technical test is conducted for all machines.
  7. A documentation with a grade (A, A-, B, and C) is created for each device.
  8. Devices are processed and packaged for resale.
Refurbished computers - Refurbished IT

We believe in the remarketing of our used IT products


Business devices from reputable manufacturers are higher in quality and more durable than IT for home use.

With us, you buy at a fraction of the original price. Remanufactured IT business devices offer you the opportunity to achieve a higher profit margin compared to new IT Hardware.

Second-hand goods enable new sales opportunities. Especially in emerging markets, there is a high demand, which is why many wholesalers have specialized as a commercial broker.


We adapt to the needs and wishes of our clients


If requested, an individual configuration of the IT products is possible. We have an extensive collection of components in our warehouse that allows us to customize PCs and notebooks. Moreover, goods can be packed according to customer requirements.

We gladly take over the logistics for you. Our partner Intercom Transport & Logistik GmbH specializes in worldwide shipping, customs services and direct customer shipping.

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Meet the Team

We are here to help!

Fabian Golsner
Fabian Golsner
Sales / Senior Project Manager
Phone +49 8261 739 913 6
Ihsan Oez
Ihsan Oez
Phone +49 8261 739 913 1
Jasmin Schropp
sales assistant
Phone +49 8261 739 913 31
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Our business laptops from renowned manufacturers.
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Reconditioned hardware for your network infrastructure.
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