The security of your data is important to us!
For your data security

Your data security is our priority

Sensitive data have to be protected from third parties. With our data security processes, we guarantee that your data is deleted quickly and securely and your IT equipment is anonymized.

Our trained staff and our secure workspaces allow a professional and safe handling of all IT equipment, from transport to remarketing.

The data security of your company and that of your customers is very important to us.


Our security procedures

In order to ensure the safety of your data, we have put in place the following necessary measures:

  • Our outdoor areas, loading areas, warehouse and work spaces are fully video-monitored.
  • Data deletions are only carried out in our specially designated work space.
  • We erase all devices with Toolstar® Shredder by default.
  • Upon request, we can erase your data with BLANCCO, with the possibility to overwrite 3, 5 & 7-fold.
  • All information that allow third parties to trace the identity of former user are removed: Stickers, other features, identifications in the Boot menu, etc.
  • Upon request, we can produce deletion certificates.
  • All IT hardware that are no longer useful for remarketing (electronic waste) will be professionally destroyed and properly recycled tough our partners.
Our professional data deletion programmes

Intercom IT GmbH uses only high-quality Programs which meet international standards:

Toolstar® Shredder from Toolhouse:

  • BSI Standards (Federal Office for Information Security, Gemany)
  • BSI VS (BSI Germany)
  • DoD 5220.22M
  • DoD 5220.22M extended (Department of Defence, USA)
  • AR380-19 (US Army)
  • AFSSI (US-Air-Force)
  • Peter Gutmanns method


The world market leader BLANCCO is a high efficiency tool that overwrites data carriers randomly with 1 and 0. It is in general sufficient to overwrite 3-fold to destroy your data. However, it is possible to overwrite 5-fold or 7-fold for extra security.