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About us

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... and help protect the environment.

Our values

We at Intercom IT GmbH believe in the remarketing and reutilization of IT hardware. On one hand, you can capitalize from selling your old IT devices. On the other hand, the price for used but qualitative high-end products is only a fraction of new goods. Moreover, you contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing electronic waste.

Participating in the digital shift is a wish that every business has but not everyone has the financial means to do it. Used business IT hardware is a valid alternative, because they are much cheaper than new IT products. Our remarketing strategies make it possible for businesses with a small IT budget to acquire good and reliable hardware at low price.

Upgrading one’s own IT infrastructure is cost-intensive but can be reduced by selling his old hardware. The sale of his old IT means new assets that can be reinvested.

With the remarketing of used IT hardware and with controlled recycling procedures, we participate in the protection of the environment. Firstly, it reduces the electronic waste and secondly, reduces the use of primary raw materials.

Some numbers

  • Our company was founded in 2012
  • Our employees have more than 10 years experience in the used IT trade
  • Our team can assist you in german, english, french, russian and turkish
  • Our company has 31 employees
  • Our warehouse covers an area of approximately 2.600 m²
  • We have a constant stock of about 5000 laptops and 5000 desktops


Our responsibility towards people and nature

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is nowadays an important aspect of every organization, as is the protection of the environment.

We have established a partnership with the Unterallgäuer Werkstätten (UAW), an organization helping disabled people to find work. Our collaboration allows us to adjust work activities to the needs and constraints of people with disabilities. As a company and employer we are committed to improving job security in our region and to help disabled people integrate into the job market.

The trading of used IT hardware (remarketing & refurbishing) helps protecting the environment by extending the working life of IT products. This means reduction of electronic waste is reduced, energy and the use of natural resources.

For every device audits are carried out. Those that are graded unusable for resale will be properly disposed and hand over to specialized recycling companies. In this manner, components and raw materials are not been lost but reused for other purposes.

Quality and standards

Security-Standards (Data erasure)

  • BSI Standard (Federal OIffice for Information Security, Germany)
  • BSI VS (BSI, Germany)
  • DoD 5220.22M (Department of Defense, USA)
  • DoD 5220.22M extended(Department of Defense, USA)
  • AR380 -19 (US-Army)
  • AFSSI 5020 (US-Air-Force)
  • Peter Gutmanns method


  • Enterprise-Resource-Planning-System (ERP)

SAP Business One

  • Internal prozess and quality management
  • Customer-Solutions-Management
  • Standardized processes and Workflows